Mid-Life Cycling

Mid-Life Cycling

02 February 2012

Future Shock Today

Someone--I forget who--once told me, "Anything you do in a car, you can do on a bicycle." 

My grandmother once told me, "Be careful of what you wish for; be careful of what you believe in."

Never did it occur to me that those two statements could actually converge.  Now I realize that it was bound to happen, given that I wished to believe the statement that opened this post.  If I do say so myself, that statement been true in my life:  I've never owned a car and have no wish to own one.

But I never realized just how true it could be until I came across this:

Who would have thought it possible to take the same obnoxiously loud stereo systems some young men have in their cars and transplant them onto bicycles?  The Future Shock Bike Crew, that's who.

The Crew consists of unofficial founder Nicholas Ragbir and his sister Jessica, and of Bhimraj brothers Anil and Travis.  They emigrated with their families from Trinidad and Tobago to the Richmond Hill neighborhood of Queens--about seven miles. or a quick run on Tosca, from my apartment.

I've actually seen them on the streets.  Unfortunately, I was on my way to or from work, or was weaving through traffic, so I have never had the chance to talk with or photograph them.  However, I recently found a page devoted to them on the Worldwide Cycling Atlas.

I wonder how long those young people keep on "pimpin' out" their bikes with stereo equipment and "peddling" their music through the neighborhood.  Their exploits involve DJ'ing and engineering as well as cycling.  Who knows:   They might develop whole new genres of cycling, entertainment or technology.  Whatever they do in the future, I hope it's as much fun for them as what they're doing now!


  1. And people say earphones are distractingly dangerous!

  2. Steve: The difference is, if you wear earphones while riding and you get into an accident, you'll get the blame. At least, if you get distracted by these guys, you can blame them for your accident.