Mid-Life Cycling

Mid-Life Cycling

04 December 2012

Triangle Spokes Group: New Bikes For Poor Kids In North Carolina

There are very few things that make more kids happier than finding a bike under the Christmas tree.  Of course, for many--especially in these economic times--such a thing seems out of the bounds of possibility.

Someone I know in North Carolina has sent me word about a charity that's doing something for kids whose parents (or whoever is raising them) can't afford to give them bikes for Christmas.

Triangle Spokes Group is named for the "Research Triangle" of Raliegh-Durham-Chapel Hill, which is the organization's home base.  This is the sixth year TSG is giving away bikes and helmets to needy kids in their area.  Their goal for Christmas 2012 is 500 bikes and helmets.  They're able to get a bike and a helmet for $70 from Huffy.  What that means, of course, is that they need money, which can be donated through their website.

If any of you know of organizations in your own area, or some other, that's doing similar work, please leave a comment with your contact information.

One thing that my involvement with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts has shown me is that it's the small, locally-based organization that are most effective in helping.  When I went to the Rockaways, I saw groups from various schools, colleges, universities and houses of worship (including the Sikh Temple of Queens, as well as various unaffiliated individuals, helping people who said they hadn't seen anyone from the Red Cross or FEMA.  So I am especially pleased to see an organization like TSG doing what it's dooing.

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