Mid-Life Cycling

Mid-Life Cycling

13 June 2016

Pedaling Away Pollution

After having my ride detoured by a brush fire--and, more important, seeing how much that fire darkened the sky--I can't help but to think about some of the possible environmental effects of cycling.

Here's one:  If just 5 percent of all New Yorker who commute by car or taxi were to switch to cycling, it would save 150 million pounds of CO2 emissions per year.  In other words, it would have the same effect as planting a forest 1.3 times the size of Manhattan.

Or this:  Half of all US schoolchildren are dropped off at school from their family cars.  If 20 percent of those kids living within two miles of the school were to bike or walk instead, that would prevent 356,000 tons (712 million pounds) of C02 from being released into the air.  It would also prevent 21,500 tons (43 million pounds) of other pollutants from ending up in the air we breathe.

You can read more about the environmental benefits of cycling here.

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