Mid-Life Cycling

Mid-Life Cycling

22 November 2015

If You Can Survive New York...

At one time in my life, I very seriously thought of moving to San Francisco.

In those days, "The City By The Bay" still seemed to be basking in a patchouli-scented twilight.  I haven't been there in a while, but I've been told that money from the high-technology and financial-services industries has changed the city's character quite a bit.

Anyway, 'Frisco just seemed to be more friendly and relaxed than New York in those days, though it still had almost everything I love about cities.  Plus, there are those stunning views!

I figured--like most New Yorkers--that if I can survive here, I can live anywhere.  And, once I got used to the hills, commuting on my bike would be easier.

Or would it?

From SF Gate


  1. i have the feeling that you, like i, seek out to find the simple beautiful things and people, moments in life regardless of constant inevitable change. i am a californian and a non tech person and have lived my whole life a handful of miles from the ocean, between sf and baja. but yes the entitled and growing financial class divide in the city/silicon valley is very palpable. however, there are many nice things places parks skies and people, that make everyday worth it and unlike anywhere else :) i'm an optimist fool, i know ...... xo

  2. Meli--You remind me of something someone told me, "If you can't find paradise around you, you'll never get to it."

    Peace to you!