Mid-Life Cycling

Mid-Life Cycling

23 November 2010

Riding Into The Sunrise...All Right, It's My Morning Commute!

OK.  So yesterday I embellished things just a bit when I said I rode off into the sunset.

Well, this morning, my commute took me into the sunrise.

I always thought it was kind of strange that when the guy got the girl, he rode off into the sunset with her.  I mean, if they're starting a relationship, wouldn't a sunrise be more appropriate?

And what about when the girl gets the guy?  Or when the girl gets the girl?

For any of those scenarios:  Should the guy-who-gets-girl, girl-who-gets-guy or whomever-gets-whomever ride tandems?  Or should they ride solo bikes abreast of each other?  Or single file--and who should lead?

If these questions are academic, well, I guess that's appropriate.  After all, I am riding off to teach in a college.

Into the sunrise.  In Queens, yet!

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  1. I never liked the idea of anyone "getting" anyone else as a prize. How about the two of them crashing madly in love with one another as the magical glow of the sunrise surrounds them?