Mid-Life Cycling

Mid-Life Cycling

18 November 2010

Agoraphobia Opening, or Opening Agoraphobia

Marianela's ready for another commute:

She might be showing her age.  But, like girls of any age, she likes new accessories--especially a new bag:

And she especially likes it if the bag is retro:  real retro, like the OYB bag I described in an earlier post.

Down my street to start another day:

You can tell there's not much left of autumn.  Every day, the wind sweeps more leaves off the branches.  It leaves the trees more barren, and sometimes even a bit forlorn-looking.  And it exposes them to the expanse of sky:  a gray sky:

It's a bit like my morning commute:  the road and the world open before me, if only for moments. But some days what unfolds is a Mercator Projection of concrete lines and angles puncuated by windows filled with the ashen sky.  

At least, at the end of the days like that, I can ride away from it.  That was always the second attraction of cycling for me.  The first is to pedal into the open waves, whether they are in front of or within me.


  1. love marianela!! so cute and you capture the change of seasons so nicely :D

  2. Hi Meligrosa,

    Thank you. I feel that cycling causes us to notice the change in seasons even more than we otherwise would. Some of that has to do from being outdoors, among those changes. But I also think cycling itself sharpens our senses.