Mid-Life Cycling

Mid-Life Cycling

04 July 2015

Happy Fourth Of July!

Happy Fourth of July, a.k.a. US Independence Day!

There have been many, many bikes, accessories and articles of bike clothing adorned with the American Flag--or, at least, its color scheme.  (I wasn't about to spell "color" "colour" in a Fourth of July post!Many, of course, are cheesy or tacky.  But some are quite nice.

One is this US National Track team bicycle from the 1990s:

From Doobybrain

I think it would look good in almost any environment. But whoever took the photo really did the bike--and its setting--justice.  I love the way the "smoke" seems to come out of the front wheel in the mural.

Ironically, that photo was taken in Williamsburg, Brooklyn:  the home of the "hipster fixie".  Somehow, though, I don't think that bike was ridden by any hipster.

Anyway...Enjoy the day--and wish me a happy birthday.  (Yes, our Founding Fathers seceded from the Crown just to be sure my birthday would be a national holiday.  It says that somewhere in the Constitution, I think.)


  1. Best of all, it is only three days after Canada Day!

  2. Steve--As an American, I'm not supposed to say this: Sometimes our neighbors to the north really are ahead of us!