Mid-Life Cycling

Mid-Life Cycling

06 July 2017

The World Won't End--Yet. I Just Hope This Journey Doesn't.

The tides rolled in, higher and higher on the rocks--closer and closer to me and Arielle, who took me to Point Lookout on one of the loveliest afternoons we've had this year.  

She was up for it, wind and all.  We rode into the wind all the way out, literally.  It blew from just the right spot on the compass--somewhere between East-Southeast, South-Southeast and East-East South, I think.  Whatever it was, it blew us all the way back to my place.

While she was soaking up the sun and wind--and I was getting burned by them, in spite of my third application of sunscreen to my arms, face and the back of my neck--I paid a visit to another old friend:

The Point Lookout Orca is a myth  of my own creation.  Which is to say, of course, that it's a rumor that, to my knowledge, has gone no further than this blog.  I had to assure him, Arielle and myself that whatever the tide was bringing in was no more dangerous--at least, not yet--than anything that might result when two thin-skinned, impulsive guys lead their countries.  One of them has a Twitter account.  The other has, according to scientists, an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM).

I fully expect the guy with the Twitter account to use it to exclaim that he has a bigger, stronger missile.  But, because he needs the support of religious conservatives to undo everything Obama did, he can't let his warhead show.  At least, not too much.

That was not a dirty joke.  At least, I hope it isn't.  If it is, then I've just dirty-bombed.

Anyway, it might seem frivolous to some that I am off riding my bike when we might be in the most serious situation this country has seen since the Cuban Missile Crisis.  But,really, what else is there to do--besides peace, whether it's in one's own life or with others.  And, yes, I've been doing as much of the latter as I can.  The rides I take alone, like this one, enable me to do so as much as the rides I do with others--and the marches and everything else in which I participate.


  1. The words "ride like there's no tomorrow" come to mind.

    Great post. Keep it coming,


  2. A few points to remember:

    The orange tweeter HAS NO POSITION ON ANYTHING. He says what will please the people who are in front of him. He is a red herring. The real danger is the right wing agenda being fulfilled behind the scenes.

    The little man with the ICBMs is not stupid. A first strike by him would be basically suicide. The US is a couple of orders of magnitude stronger than that country. They are almost at the stage the US was in 1955. Their nuclear weopon development is basically that of the Manhattan Project.

    This situation now is intrinsically different from the Cuban Missile Crisis. The US and the USSR were capable of totally wiping each other off the map. The situation today is 100 to 1 in favor of the US. And the N. Koreans know it.

    The man with the wierd haircut is playing a game. He wants to be able to negotiate with the US on an equal basis. What slips between the cracks is that NOBODY WOULD BE EVEN VAGUELY INTERESTED IN TAKING OVER N. KOREA. He is aware of that. The chaos resulting from a breakup of N. Korea would make the unification of Germany look like a picnic. This is his real bargaining chip. Both he and the orange tweeter are gestering to domestic audiences.

    Sleep soundly. Go for a ride.


  3. Leo--"The orange tweeter" indeed has not only no positions on anything, but no convictions that I can discern. I think now of what the main character of "Il Conformisto" might have been like had he been more extroverted.

    As for North Korean guy: He may well be playing a game. I worry, though, that he is impulsive and very young, so he might not realize that his game could go horribly wrong.