Mid-Life Cycling

Mid-Life Cycling

12 July 2017

En Danseuse: Le Mot Juste

Laura Lawless is a self-taught "maven of the French language."  I subscribe to her website, which is full of all sorts of interesting and useful items, from lessons on vocabulary and reflexive verbs to articles about various aspect of French culture and history.

She does not neglect "La Grand Boucle", a.k.a. the Tour de France.  The other day, her post included a list of French cycling-related terms.  You probably know some of them already.  One of my favorites is "en danseuse", for a rider who's standing up, i.e., doing a "track stand".  I have long argued that the best (or, at least, my favorite) sculptures are a still form of dance.  And it takes as much athleticism and coordination to do a stand as it does to ride well, in my opinion!

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