07 January 2012

A Model Cyclist In Chelsea

Today felt more like the seventh of May than the seventh of January, at least in terms of weather.  So, there were plenty of people on their bikes, and some were wearing clothing that wasn't designed to shed rain or snow, or to fend off cold.

One of those riders, whom I met in Chelsea, strikes me as someone who would look absolutely fabulous on her bike in any season:

This sweet and engaging young woman is Andrea Diodati.  She's been featured on other bike blogs, she said.   I assured her that this one is not like any of the others.  After all, how many bike bloggers are like me?

More to the point, how many cyclists have her sense of style?  If you want to feature it, she's at electriclovelight.gmail.com.  Come on, admit it:  You want to write her just to type out that address!


  1. Justine-
    Man, the spammers have even got to you! (See comment above.)

    And "Helena", those are gumwalls on Andrea's bike, not whitewalls. Not that you'd care...

    Anyways, the link to Andrea's blog doesn't work. Should just be http://electriclovelight.com/

    And I'm not always this grumpy! Honest!

  2. Hi Adventure!--Thanks. I know you're not always so grumpy!