05 November 2012

No Shopping This Season?

It seems that since Hurricane Sandy left, the weather has been colder than I can recall it being at any time last winter.

Of course, I don't claim to remember every single day about last winter.  (At my age, it's hard to remember every day last week!)  But I do recall that it was an exceptionally mild season, and that we had our only snow well before the winter started and a couple of cold days after it ended. But in between, the only signals of the season seemed to be the bare trees and short days.

So now I have some winter clothing I bought last year but never used.  Mainly, I bought wool undergarments and socks, as well as some insulated waterproof boots. 

The good news is that I don't have to buy those things this year, and that even if I do no clothes shopping for this winter, I'll still have some things I can donate to the hurricane victims.

Somehow I suspect this winter won't be so mild.  

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