12 November 2013

Wearing The Pants

Back in 1984, Levi's was the official outfitter for the US Olympic Team.  That year, the Games were held in Los Angeles.  In those days, Levi's blue jeans were made up the coast, in San Francisco.

That was during the time in my life when, off the bike,  I wore nothing but Levi's 501s with button-down, polo, rugby, flannel or T-shirts, depending on the occasion. Sometimes I wore those things while riding, too.  And, of course, when the weather was warm enough (and I could get away with it), I wore 501 cutoffs.  

I know lots of cyclists could have said the same thing about their sartorial habits.  I'll bet there are plenty of cyclists today who could.  Thus, I am still amazed that Levi's never came out with a line of cycle clothing--at least to my knowledge.

I got into this rumination of threads past when I saw this ad:

 Apparently, someone named M Schwab designed it during the 1970's.  I wonder what he/she is doing now.


  1. http://www.levistrauss.com/news/press-releases/levis-brand-introduces-innovative-mens-commuter-cycling-products

    Long after the poster but they may be getting "with" things...

  2. Steve and Randy--Interesting that it took them so long to "discover" us, isn't it?