17 March 2014

One Of Our Patron Saints

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

As I am not Irish, others can--and did-- convey the spirit of this day much better than I ever could.

Here's one of them:

He is, of course, Sheldon Brown--one of the patron saints of the cycling world.  

I can't believe he's been gone for six years already.  I hope that, wherever he's gone, he's found this:

 No doubt he's sharing a ride, a story and a Guinness Stout or two with this fellow:


  1. I had never seen that picture of Sheldon. With that green bike and the red beard, he could have passed for Irish. I have learned so much from his website. And it's nice to know that John S. Allen has been adding to the knowledge base. Still very useful.

  2. MT--I chanced upon the photo while web surfing. He sure looks Irish, doesn't he?

    Sheldon could hardly have a more worthy successor than John Allen.