21 October 2015

The "Back To The Future" Bike?

Today is "Back To The Future" Day.

In Back To The Future:  Part II--released in 1989-- Marty McFly (played by Michael J. Fox) travels to 21 October 2015 to save his children, who had yet to be born in the original Back To The Future, which was set and released in 1985.

Today, there are countless articles all over the Internet and print media that are scorecards of which predictions for this date came true, and which ones didn't.  This post won't be one of them. 

However, I want to mention something that everyone who saw any of the BTTF series recalls:  the DeLorean motorcar that was turned into a time-travel machine.

Because DeLorean's company went bankrupt, production of those automobiles ceased two years before the film's release.   About 9000 DMC-12s (the only model DeLorean ever produced) were made; as of 2007, about 6500 were believed to still exist.

A decade after the original BTTF, a Texas-based British industrialist named Steve Wynne started a separate company using the DeLorean name. It assembles new cars from New Old Stock (NOS) DeLorean parts in addition to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and reproduction parts on a "made to order" basis, using existing Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) plates.

That wasn't Wynne's only homage to DeLorean.  Three years ago, he teamed up with Marc Moore, a DeLorean owner and passionate cyclist, to design a bicycle. 

Since potential buyers of such a bike are DeLorean car owners, or anyone who liked their aesthetic, it comes as no surprise that the frames were made of stainless steel--by Sarto Antonio in Plangia, Italy--and had black components and accessories hung on them.

And so the DeLorean Bike was conceived.  I don't know how many--or whether any at all--were ever made, besides prototypes.  The DeLorean Bike website seems not to have been updated in some time, and for ordering (not that I plan on doing so), it simply says to call or e-mailing them for pricing or other information.

I'm wondering what's inside that thing on the down tube.  A Tesla coil, perhaps?


  1. External battery pack for Di2. Bikes produced in the 3 years or so put that inside the seat tube.

  2. Rebecca--Once they put it inside the seat tube, it won't break up the nice, clean lines of the oversized tubes, or get in the way of the elegance of their cartoon graphics!