26 June 2016

Carrying Our Flag

Today's post won't have any double-entendres.  Or even any single ones.  In other words, it will be completely unironic--and short.

As you probably know, it's LGBT Pride Day.  I have marched in a few parades past, but I didn't this year.  To tell you the truth, I've never cared for it.  For one thing, I hate being forced to walk slowly in a stop-and-stop fashion in a crowd. Also, the noise gives me a headache. 

But I was involved with an event en route--specifically, between the Stonewall Inn and the Christopher Street Pier, where the march ends.  Specifically, I was preparing and serving food (chicken, pasta salad and burgers, mainly) and greeting people.  Though I'm pretty introverted, I prefer that to actually marching in the parade.

So...I'll just share this image from the march:

P.S.  The Stonewall Rebellion is one of those historic events I would have liked to see:  It's a great story.   I was ten years old when it happened, but, at the time,I knew nothing about it:  nobody in my conservative blue-collar (mostly Italian and Catholic)  neighborhoorhood in Brooklyn talked about it.  At least, I don't recall hearing anybody talk about it.  On the other hand, I heard all about Woodstock!


  1. My son went to Pride in Chicago last year. When he got home he didn't seem all that enthused. When I pressed him for the reason he described the parade as "gay people behaving badly". He is pretty shy and introverted and I think the parade was a sort of rowdy he wasn't used to at 16.

  2. Phillip--I can understand how your son feels. As I said, I'm not crazy about parades. And, honestly, I try to lead a more or less normal life for a woman of a certain age and a certain amount of education. I hate to sound snooty, but I really don't want to be associated with men walking around in thongs.