19 March 2017

How Many Bikes Do You Have?

How do you explain this?

Is it the team van for a very low-budget operation?

Or is the driver (or a passenger) shopping for a bike and can't decide on one?

Or could there be another explanation?

Whatever it is, I hope the driver (and/or passnger(s)) are not part of a bike-theft ring!


  1. 5 1/2... Not sure that my friend will ever ask for the 1/2 back now that she has a new fangled eletrobike in the tangle of bikes in her shed.

    The can't decide question I quite understand, I am curious about so many designs that to choose one new one is beyond hard, does not help that none fit my ideal exactly. I would never carry my bikes on the outside of my van, that is just cruel.

  2. Is it a work of art??? A highly symbolic work, showing bicycle culture eating car culture?


  3. Leo--I just happened to find the photo on Pinterest, with no commentary or attribution. I like your interpretations.

    Coline--It is indeed "cruel" to carry bikes outside of a van. Now I'm curious as to how you came up with 5 1/2.

  4. I really must reconcile that 1/2... It is a German seven speed IHG 20 inch wheeled folder built like a tank. By fold I mean that there is a hinge in the middle but it is so heavy a hernia might be the result of a careless attempt to lift it. I foolishly said that £100 quoted to fix the gear cable seemed a bit steep and offered to one day try and fix it for free. I have a German exploded view of the innards and the controls are nothing like the three speed hubs of my youth! It was suggested that it be donated to a bike repair co-op if we could find one since neither of us want it or have room for it. Naturally if the perfect bike appeared there would be room...

  5. Coline--I think a few bikes like that made it to this side of the ocean. I can't remember the brand name, but the bikes were German (West Germany, at that time) and heavy. The only benefit of folding one of those bikes would be to fit it into a nook or corner: It certainly wouldn't lend itself to portage!