05 September 2018

Mind The Gap!

The crazy things we do when we're young are funny when we think about them years later--at least, if no harm was done.

I'm thinking now of the time I raced through the gates of a drawbridge and actually managed to make it across just as the bridge was starting to open.  So I had a slight incline for the last part of that ride.  I was stupid enough to be proud of myself for maneuvering through the gate at whatever speed I was riding at that moment.

Apparently, a woman in Wisconsin thought she could pull the same trick:

I don't know how steep or swift that water is, but falling into it would probably be terrifying enough.  But getting stuck between the plates of that bridge is probably even worse.  

Actually, I was even more scared for the folks who rescued her:  I thought about one of them getting crushed if that bridge were to close up!

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