06 January 2019

I'm Back And She Won't Let Me Explain

Someone wants me to explain why I left her in cold, rainy New York while I was bike riding in 80 degree (27C) Florida sunshine.

Marlee was well cared-for.  Mildred, my cat-sitter, even spent time with her on New Year's Eve.  But Marlee still wants to know why I get to have all the fun.  She's not buying my explanation that I was visiting my parents.

Really, I was...


  1. I think that's the look some husbands get when they come home late smelling of booze with lipstick on their collar.🙂

  2. Phillip--I can't win, can I? I changed gender and I'm still treated like a husband! ;-)

  3. Voyage--That's a telltale sign, isn't it?