07 July 2019

How Gentlemen Travel

We've all seen images of well-dressed, tophatted men astride high-wheel bicycles during cycling's first heyday.

We all know that those high-wheelers disappeared once the "safety" bicycle--with two wheels more of the same size, the rear driven by a chain and sprockets--was invented.

What if the bicycle "evolved" in a different direction?  How would the world be a different place?

Could we be looking at well-tailored gentlemen (and ladies) on unicycles?

Artists: Guy and Rodd


  1. I know that many folk think riding on just two wheels looks difficult if not impossible. Riding on just one, now that really is just silly, where would you put your panniers?

  2. Justine- As much as I wanted to, I could never master the unicycle. I even bought an old cotter crank Schwinn years ago to try and learn (again). I can do track stands on a two wheeler, but couldn't stay upright on a unicycle for more than a few seconds. Being close to your age (BTW Happy Birthday), I don't dare visit that one wheeler again:)

  3. Coline and Chris—I have never ridden a unicycle. At my age, I don’t plan to try, even though I can do a track stand.

    Panniers? There isn’t even a place for a rando bag!