12 December 2019


I have pedaled into the sunrise, and into the sunset, to work.

Likewise, I have ridden into the sunrise, and into the sunset, to go home.

Less often, I have cycled into a moonrise, to or from my job.

This morning, for the first time (that I can recall, anyway), I spun my wheels into the path of a moonset.

A full moon setting, no less--on my to the college.

(Photos taken today, along East 139th Street, Bronx, NY)


  1. Ah , yes, likewise I saw the full moon low in the sky on my way to work this morning. Beautiful!

  2. Is it just me or does anyone else notice a distinct uptick in aggressive drivers around the full moon? Strange.

  3. Annie--Thank you!

    Phillip--I think your observation is accurate. I also noticed an uptick in all sorts of strange behavior around the time of the full moon when I lived next door to a liquor store owner. A clerk in that store concurred with my observation.