13 October 2021

Sparr In Style

 Yesterday, while out for an afternoon ride, I passed Sparr's Antiques & Militaria (How often have you seen a name like that?) as I have many times before.  I couldn't help but to notice that they were displaying many of their wares outside, including something I hadn't seen in the shop before:

This, according to the owner is an "all original, except for the tires" Schwinn Spitfire--from 1957.  He says "everything was overhauled," which, from the looks of it, I can believe.  I couldn't help but to notice, though, some of the details unique to bikes like it:

Current reproductions of Schwinn cruisers usually have chromed, or at least chrome-like, rims.  Also, the forks are tubular, in contrast to the bladed forks on Schwinns of yore.

Plus, the new reproductions don't seem to get the graceful sweep of the frame tubes' curve.  It may not be a practical matter, but bikes like this one are all about style.

As is a shop like Sparr's, if in a different way.

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