09 June 2023

Easy Choices In The Big Easy

 People go to New Orleans to do things they can’t, or wouldn’t, do at home.

So it makes sense that tomorrow, at 5pm, the World Naked Bike Ride will take place in the Crescent City.

Now, being the sort of rider I am, one of the first questions I ask before alighting is:  What should I wear?

Nola.com has answered that question: Sunscreen. Glitter. Tiaras and top hats. Feathers. Slogans painted on your body. Band-aids. Cowboy boots and hats,  The beautiful Crown Royal sac. Even bikini bottoms and bikinis are allowed. Oh, and let us not forget Pride symbols. Just don’t think you’re being “ironic” if you show up in a Brooks Brothers suit or dress! 

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