01 September 2010

Falling Asleep After Riding

Yesterday I biked to work after pulling an all-nighter.  Then I came home, and not long after downing a wonderful chicken and rice platter from The King of Falafel and Shawarma, I fell asleep. 

In a way, it's upsetting to know that I had fallen asleep after a mere commute on my bike.  Yes, I stayed up all of the night before and I'm not as young as I used to be.  But, still...I'm supposed to fall asleep after riding up and down mountains or a hundred-mile day on a bike laden with panniers and camping equipment--not from a mere commute.

I guess I haven't given up the notion that it's somehow more noble, or at least more fun, to fall into a long, deep sleep after an adventure or some eclat than it is to drift into (and out, and possibly into again) subconsciousness after mere routine.

Then again, last night's sleep was very restful and restorative.   And, when I got home last night, I was so tired that I wasn't thinking about the fact that I had what was basically a very routine day and ride.  It was thinking about the circumstances, and wanting to be in better shape than I'm in now, caused me berate myself today for falling asleep immediately after dinner last night.

Have you ever fallen asleep immediately after riding your bike?  What was that like?


  1. I fell asleep immediately after riding my fixed gear roadbike 30 miles for the second day in a row, also on very little sleep. It was the weirdest thing. I got home and didn't feel that tired. Changed and was prepared to spend a productive evening. Next thing I know, it is 12 hours later and I am waking up.

  2. Maybe it was the allnighter rather than the cycling. I know I've reached an age where I feel a lack of sleep - and I'm a shift worker :) Irksome isn't it, sigh!