Mid-Life Cycling

Mid-Life Cycling

05 January 2011

We Made It!

Lately my wireless connection has been misbehaving.  That's why I've posted only once this year before tonight.

At least I rode to work yesterday.  I'm teaching a winter intercession course at my "second" college.  They offered me a course before my main job offered me one, and I couldn't have taught both.  Plus, this course is an elective called Readings In Prose Fiction.  Basically, I can assign anything I want in it.  The other course I was offered was a required course in writing research papers.

The college at which I'm teaching is the one that had the full bike rack almost any time I rode in.  It's also the one where I saw a Pinarello parked in the rack.  That bike wasn't there yesterday.  In fact, I was a bit surprised to see any other bike at all.  Although the temperature reached the 40's (5-8 degrees Celsius), there were still piles of snow and ice around the edges of the parking lot, and at the bike rack.

Even if we weren't blessed with the remnants of last week's storm, there wouldn't be very many more bikes parked on campus.  The campus feels like a ghost town, at least in comparison with the regular semester.  To be fair, that's the case in most schools:  Fewer courses are offered, and fewer students attend.  As I understand, financial aid isn't available for students during the winter session.

Anyway, it's nice to be able to park my bike without having to maneuver others.  On the other, I miss the crowded bike rack:  It's nice to know that there are so many cyclists in the college.  Plus, the prof with whom I'd been riding home toward the end of the semester isn't teaching during the intersession. Sometimes I like riding home alone, probably because I interact with people on my job.  But I was enjoying the company of that other prof.  She and her husband had recently begun to take some longer rides on weekends, she told me.  

Somehow I imagine that she'd be riding in if she were teaching.  After all, she cycled through the coldest weather we had at the end of the semester--in a skirt.  So I know I wasn't the only crazy one in the college!  She has nicer legs, though. ;-)

Mine got me to work, which was about an hour and fifteen minutes from my apartment.  One other person at the college could say the same thing.


  1. What a coincidence. My wireless connection has been misbehaving as well...

  2. Happy New Year!

    An orange mixte certainly stands out against all that snow. Do you ride your geared Mercians in the winter, or are they on vacation till the snow melts?

  3. Steve: What do we do to keep our wireless connections in line? (Pun intended!)

    Velouria: Thank you. I haven't ridden Arielle or Helene since Thanksgiving. But that has mainly to do with circumstances of my life: Until I went to my parents' for Christmas, I had little time to ride, and when I did, I rode the fixie.

    I rode Arielle a couple of times the winter before last, when there was no sand or salt on the roads. But I don't think we're going to have similar conditions for a while. So, I may just keep her and Helene on vacation until March, or whenever the weather breaks and the roads clear up.