25 March 2011

Elizabeth Taylor Going Her Way On Her Bike

Hpw could I resist posting this photo of a 12-year-old Elizabeth Taylor on her bicycle?  This was taken by Peter Stackpole and published in Life magazine.  

Yesterday, Riding Pretty posted this shot of Liz:

A few people were simply born to be on camera.  Liz was one of them.  I think that was what defined her more than anything else.  She was a good, though not great, actress.  But she was a riveting, if not commanding, presence.  That, and her complete belief in herself and whatever she deemed just, made her an effective spokesperson for AIDS activism and research, and LGBT equality.  That is why she could get away with supporting those things when almost no one else could, or would.

And she sure looked good on a bike.  That's reason enough to miss her!


  1. My mother is crazy about Elizabeth Taylor as an actress, though I never really got the allure. But she was certainly an icon, and she was charitable. May she rest in peace.

  2. Velouria: Although I thought she was a pretty good actress, I was never so impressed with her thespian skills. As you say, she was an icon. And I do have respect for not only her public charity work, but for the private acts of kindness many people, famous and not-so-famous, have attributed to her.

  3. Many say that the eyes are the windows to the soul and Liz certainly had those eyes that you could read and see compassion. I have never seen these photos of her on a bike. Thanks for sharing.