30 March 2011

Not A Stepford Cyclist

One of the reasons I haven't ridden with a club in a long time is my aversion to groupthink.  As often as not, they're riding the same bikes or the same few bikes, and the componentry and accessories tend to be the same, or similar on each club member's bike.  They might even be wearing club jerseys.

No, I have no desire to be a Stepford cyclist.

Seeing everyone riding the same bikes, wheels or other components has no appeal to me.  But, to me, it would be downright creepy if everyone rode the same seat.  That is definitely not an area in which one should be a slave of fashion:

If the Tour de France riders were to use his seat, they never would have to worry about taking l'arret pipi.


  1. Toilet bike saddle - That would have made a great April 1st post!

    On a separate note, I am going to be a totally annoying psychologist here: The term Groupthink actually refers to a very specific process (usually in politics) whereby a group of decision makers, when brainstorming together, makes a flawed collective decision as a result of failing to consider all the available options. What you're referring to us more like group identity or peer pressure, not groupthink.

  2. Either way - and even early - great post!

  3. Velouria: Thanks for the clarification about "groupthink." I guess I've seen it misused often enough that I thought I was using it correctly.