10 February 2012

A Fallen Woman (On Her Bike)

Had a bit of a mishap yesterday.  On my way to work, a driver pulled out of a parking lot and into the street, about twenty feet in front of me.  I made a panic stop. Fortunately, the driver and I didn't collide.  However, I took a tumble.  

Except for a bent Jitensha handlebar, the bike incurred no damage.  However, my left knee hit the pavement.  So, it's swollen and bruised, and I feel pain when I bend it.  I feel it when I bend to sit down, but not once I sit down. However, it's painful to cross my legs.

I've been to the doctor.  He said, "It feels worse than it actually is."  That's good to know.  A few days of staying off it as much as possible should heal it, he says.  

So, if we get the snow, sleet, hail, slush and everything else the meteorolgists have forecast for this weekend, I won't mind, really.  I'll read, write, play with Max and do some cooking.  Maybe I'll make some soup: I haven't done that yet this "winter."

Oh well.  If I get some miles in before the season starts, at least I can be in something like reasonable shape.  Meantime, I'll keep on posting!


  1. Ah, the panic stop! Well, look at it this way - at least you know your reflexes are sound. It's better than the alternative anyway! (the "wahhh?" slow delay no-stop). Feel better soon!

  2. Oh no, I am so sorry to hear about this. Heal soon Justine! And I'm glad it was a fairly minor injury, as far as these things go.

  3. Hunter and Velouria--Thanks for the show of support!

  4. Someone tried that on me when I was skill at school and with youthful reflexes I slid the bike parallel to the car to spread the impact. I got a bit of a scratch and a small tear in my clothes but he got my rat trap pedal right through his door skin as a reminder not to mess with cyclists...

    We shall be seeing the cyclists tumble in France soon and be amazed at just what they can suffer and still ride again the next day!

  5. Coline--Ha! That must've taught him a lesson!