19 July 2012

Excuses On A Lazy, Rainy Day

He doesn't have opposable thumbs.  He can't balance on two feet.  He doesn't know how to use foot retention.  The top tubes on all of my bikes are too long.  (So, for that matter, are the seat tubes and cranks!)  He's doesn't like Brooks saddles.  And it's raining.

Oh, the excuses he has....

And you know why he gets away with it?  Marley is just unbelievably, ridiculously cute, even when he squints.

Of course, I could say the same thing about Max.

And he has one more excuse than Marley:  He's older (in cat-years, anyway) than I am.  


  1. Two of the women in our household are SO SEVERELY ALLERGIC to cats that my own (non-allergic)opinions do not matter...

  2. Justine,
    They are very good looking cats.
    {Hope my cats or dogs don't read your blog} :)

    Peace ;)