05 October 2012

Freedom Of Expression

If you have left comments during the past few days, you may have noticed that I'm not moderating them. 

One thing I've found, at least on this blog, is that my commenters have been civil, and most have been friendly.


Some have even been entertaining and enlightening.  In the two years of this blog's existence, I have had commenters who've disagreed with me, and each other, but no "flame wars" or anything resembling them.    I really haven't had anything worse than spam, which at least is nothing worse than annoying.

I thank you for helping to keep this blog free of hostility.  As long as it remains so, I think I will continue to allow unmoderated comments.  

Now, my other blog...That's another story!

P.S.  I am going to make another change soon.  Don't worry:  This will still be the blog you know and (I hope) love!


  1. You will note that I also got rid of the captchas. I moderate any comments on posts that are more than a week old. I delete anything that is spam or otherwise offensive after the fact, but have not had to act often - and all of that was spam.

  2. Steve, I simply cannot understand how anyone would want to be mean, or even merely obnoxious, to you or on your blog.

  3. Great! Been waiting for an opportunity to provide dozens of links to Viagra and cheap handbags and the like.

  4. I enjoy your blog quite a bit keep up the good work.

  5. MelissatheRagamuffinOctober 8, 2012 at 5:31 PM

    Ditto what Dan said!

  6. Thank you, everybody! You're a great audience.