09 January 2013

Bicycles On The 14th Day Of Christmas

I hereby declare today the 14th Day of Christmas

Why?, you ask.  Well, for one reason and one reason alone:  so I can post another Christmas bike photo.

Actually, it's not technically a Christmas bike photo.  At least, it's not intended as such.  But it's hard to deny the austere, if stark, northern Yule beauty of this Negatone image, which was taken on the main campus of the University of Michigan by "Image MD".

1 comment:

  1. When I first saw that image, I thought it was another ghost bike. Seeing the other bikes and the staple racks, looking not unlike rows of headstones in a graveyard, this seems evocative of a bicycles or bicyclists final rest area.

    I'm glad the reality is more cheerful!