08 January 2013

Object Of Curiosity

Have you ever seen a bike parked somewhere, day after day, and wondered about its owner?

I guess I'm weird that way.  Sometimes a bicycle (or, for that matter, some other object) will catch my attention and I'll start to imagine some detail or another about the person who owns it.

Ever since the fall semester began, I've seen this rig on the campus bike rack:

A bike in a color like that is pretty hard to miss.  It's also a pretty good bike:  a Specialized Allez.  However, it's not terribly remarkable, as it's one of the most common racing bikes today.

But seeing it parked in that very same spot on the rack every day has got me to musing about its owner.  Does he or she come to school before everybody else just to get that spot?  A student or faculty member?  Or a staff member, perhaps--in administration? Does its owner race or take long rides?  

And, of course, there's this question:  From whence does its owner ride?  What route does he or she take?

For all I know, it may belong to someone who lives down the block.  Or, perhaps, it might be ridden by someone whose commute puts mine to shame.

1 comment:

  1. I encounter bikes I like and wonder about their owners all the time. There is an LL Bean teal rigid mountain bike that's captured my attention. It's currently buried in a snow bank. The frame has nary a scratch. I feel sorry for its present condition.