09 May 2013

When I Ride--And Don't Ride--In The Rain

I am often asked whether I ride in the rain.  The most precise answer I can give is, "within reason".

What does that mean, exactly?

Well, if it's raining and the temperature is less than 40F (5C), I won't ride.  Likewise, I won't start a "pleasure" ride in the rain unless it's warm and I'm at a seashore. And, unless I absolutely have to be somewhere (e.g., my workplace) and there is no alternative means of transportation, I won't ride if it's raining so heavily that I can just barely see out of the windows of my apartment.

The latter condition prevailed today, just when I had to leave for my commute.  The rain stopped for a few brief interludes throughout the day.  But I knew more was coming.  I think this cell-phone photo I took from the Queensborough Plaza train station tells today's weather story:

The clouds envelop much of the Empire State, Chrysler and UN buildings which, on most days, are clearly visible from the station platform.  

And, yes, more rain came. It fell even harder than what came down when I was leaving my apartment.


  1. I notice my own tolerance for rain has dropped dramatically in the last month.

  2. Steve--Do you have any idea of why it has?