18 May 2013

Hydrating In Style

Do any of you own a Campagnolo corkscrew?

I first saw one around the same time I started to cycle long distances--during my teen years in the 1970's.  Having scrimped and saved to buy a Nishiki International and a Peugeot PX-10, I couldn't believe someone would pay $200--even if it was designed by Tullio himself and gold-plated.

As I understand, the gold-plated version is still being made. I can only imagine what it costs, as it was priced at $200 before the price of gold skyrocketed.  Still, if I were to buy a Campy corkscrew, I think I'd prefer the bronze model:  I think it's the most attractive and seems, well, more Campagnolo-esque (at least in the old-school way) than the others.

I also like the silver one; then again, I'm normally partial to silver.  Still, I don't know if I'll ever buy one.

I'm thinking about those corkscrews now because someone alerted me to this:

Now, admit it:  You simply can't conceive of doing your daily commute, let alone a ride across the continent, without having a bottle opener handy at all times.  And what better place for it than the saddle rails?

Best of all, it's made in gold and silver.  Now, if you have a Brooks saddle copper-plated rails, which one would you get?  Or what if you have titanium rails?

Even if you' never break a sweat, you still need to hydrate. 

Of course, you could carry one of these with you:

Maillard Helicomatic lockring remover

It may be the only bike tool ever made that includes a bottle opener.

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  1. Well! Those all make my Nishiki floor pump look meager.