07 June 2013

Shady Practices In The Sunshine State

When a place is called "Beachside Cycle and Surf", it conjures up images of friendly, perhaps laid-back, people who are enjoying the sun, surf and wind.

You probably don't think of swindlers.  At least, I didn't when I ordered from them two days before this past Christmas.

They listed a model of Wald basket I hadn't seen in my local shops.  The price was good, even with shipping.  I decided to order a couple of other items they were selling for lower prices than most other retailers.  

After two weeks, I hadn't heard from them.  I got no response to my first or second e-mail to them.  Finally, on 17 January--more than three weeks after the order--they told me that my items were on back-order,and might take another three to six weeks.

Well, I still hadn't heard from them on the 23rd of March--three months after I placed my order.  And I've had no communication from them since, even though I've sent several e-mails and left messages on their voice mail.

For all I know, they may be out of business or something.  I did notice, however, that on their Better Business Bureau page, there were was another complaint (besides mine) from someone else who ordered, but didn't receive, merchandise.

Of course, I'm going to send Surfside, the BBB and the local newspapers a link to this post.  Now I no longer want the merchandise:  I want my money back.  And I hope the other complainant gets his/her money back or merchandise from those shady businesspeople in the Sunshine State. 


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