26 April 2014

Joined At The Lugs?

Before you know it, Spring will come...

Oh, right, it is Spring now.  I guess it's a month late:  We've got March winds, but it's April.  I guess we'll get the showers in May and the flowers in June.

And what about the weddings?  Will they be in July?

Not that I'm planning on having one.  For now, I'm still living by Carrie Bradshaw's maxim, "Friends don't let friends get married."  Sometimes people give the best advice before they break it!  

Anyway, I not only don't plan on getting married, I haven't been invited to a wedding.  Not that I'm complaining.

But if I have to go to a ceremony, I wouldn't mind being summoned to it by this:

From Kristen Archer

Apparently, the bride-to-be designed this invitation herself.  She even had a bicycle-themed bridal shower!

I can think of one couple in particular for whom the invitation would have been most appropriate:

They are, of course, Harriet Fell and the much-missed Sheldon Brown.

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  1. Oh how lovely. Thank you.

    On a recent evening, myself, a woman with arthritis attempting to assemble the cruiser, dropped the damn seat tube down the post. And I says to myself, Self, Sheldon knows what to do. So I go up to sheldonbrown, and of course he knows. 14 ways to retrieve a seat tube.

    I wrote a short note to Harriet, thanking her for keeping Sheldon's site alive, and she endearingly wrote a short note back.

    So it is with pleasure I see these two quirky wonderful people in bygone days.

    My paths with :you: have intersected much lately, Ms. Valinotti. Because when one googles Motobecane Nobly, your blog surfaces again and again. Fun!

    ~willow in utah~