10 September 2014

Flipping At The End Of The Season

Summer doesn't end--officially, at least--for another two weeks.  To most people here in the US, it ended last week, the day after Labor Day.  Most colleges began their new academic years just before then; most elementary and high schools (at least in this country) started just after.

Some people try to get in one last bike tour or some other adventure before going back to work or school.  Someone whose nom de You Tube is "Chainless" decided to end his summer in his own unique fashion:


  1. Colleges in the Western US often start in late September or even early October. I recall my first day of college at the University of Washington was on September 25th. Way back when...

  2. The county in which I and my kids live started school about a third of the way into August. Seems to get earlier every year.

  3. Steve and Samuel--Interesting. In Florida, where my parents live, most school districts begin in mid-August or thereabouts. It used to be earlier, but there was an outcry some years back.