20 December 2014

For Ornamental Purposes Only

We've all seen cute bicycle Christmas (or other holiday) ornaments.  Some are faithful representations of racing, mountain, BMX or other kinds of bikes.  Others are just barely recognizable even as bicycle shaped objects.

While some capture our favorite two-wheelers in admirable detail, there are others that leave you wondering whether it was made by anyone who had ever seen a bicycle in his or her life.

This one, though, is truly strange:

Talk about toe clip overlap!  If an actual bicycle were designed in proportion to this ornament, I think its would-be rider would take a "header" even before getting his or her leg over the top tube!

That said, it is kind of cute.  And the woman who made it also makes some other nice stuff, bicycle-themed and otherwise.


  1. sweet piece! I have a simliar souvenir from mexico, a cross roads town in the middle of nowhere and the man of a bike shop gave it to me. I'll have to find the picture from old hardrives. I'll keep ya posted -- thanks this just reminded me of this back story ;)

  2. Meligros--I'd love to see it. Felicidades y prosperidad.