20 March 2015

What A Man Grows

In yesterday's post, I decried the sexism and lack of artistry displayed by Allan Abbott in building a bicycle that's supposed to look like a nude woman.

So...how am I going to follow it up?  With a post about one of the most andro-centric topics imaginable.  Why?  Well, for one thing, as one of the few (if not the only) male-to-female transsexual bike bloggers, I am one of the few people in this world who can get away with such a thing.

But, dear readers, please indulge me.  I'm not writing this post to be politically incorrect or contrarian, although I rarely shy away from being either.  Rather, I saw a cartoon and photo on the topic that was purely and simply humorous.

The subject?  Beards.  Yes, facial hair in which some men take pride.  According to the photo, the longer a male cyclist's beard, the greater his bike knowledge.

From Imagur. com

There might actually be some truth to the bike knowledge-to-beard ratio.  The photo at the end of it confirms what you know about Sheldon Brown if you ever looked at his webpages:  The man was a Library of Congress, a Biblitheque Nationale of cycling knowledge.  And Frank Chrinko III, the proprietor of Highland Park (NJ) Cyclery--where I worked--knew more about bikes than anyone in his twenties or thirties should.  During the time I worked for him, his beard grew from "Rides and has built a bike from old parts" to "Wizard" length. 

Me?  I grew a beard in those days, too.  Mine, though, never got longer than "Rides" length.  I didn't let it. 


  1. Did Merckx or Campagnolo have beards?

  2. Woke up feeling quite unwell this morning but this made me smile. Obviously my partner is presenting a very deceptive face to the world. (He shaves.)

  3. Steve--Every photo I've seen shows them clean-shaven. Maybe Tullio knew so much that he was hors de categorie. And, of course, Mercx didn't actually have to know anything about putting a bike together: His team's mechanics did that for him.

    Rebecca--I'm glad I made your and your partner's day a little brighter!

    If clean-shaven people are deceptive, what does that make us, as women?

  4. Sheldon Brown was a treasure. I couldn't tell you how often I've looked to his site for advice, or to answer questions I've had.

  5. Brooks--Yes, he certainly was. Or should I say is: We're still using his site, right?

  6. John Allen and others keep contributing new items to Sheldon's site.

  7. I never quite reached wizard status. It never occurred to me that I was displaying my bikeological knowledge, I was just hiding from the world...