17 April 2015

Hey! Don't Forget About Me!

A few days ago, I “blamed” Max when I didn’t get out of the house earlier than I did for a ride. 

Of course, I wasn’t upset with him.  How could I be?  When he’s not impeding progress I probably wouldn’t have made anyway, he climbs on me and purrs.  

Marlee does that, too.  However, she’s a bit more possessive of everything—including my lap and the spotlight—than Max is.  So she wasn’t content to see Max get all of the attention.

So she’s been posing in front of me whenever I sit, stand, take down one of my bikes, read, eat, talk on the telephone, write—or do just about anything else.  She wants me to take her picture because she knows, just knows, that she’s so photogenic and every picture I take of her is going to be better than the last.  Of course, neither the camera nor the photographer has anything to do with that!

Max can make orange the new black or whatever just because…well, because he’s orange and he’s Max.  But Marlee knows how to work her stripes:

Who, me?  Yeah, you!

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