Mid-Life Cycling

Mid-Life Cycling

20 April 2015

Suspension Of DIsbelief

About fifteen years ago, I saw a classic Cinelli track bike with a floral basket attached to the handlebars.  I'd never seen such an arrangement before, and I complemented its rider, a young woman with hair in hues that weren't offered even in DuPont Imron.  She grinned, as if I'd gotten some sort of joke.

Now I see all like manner of baskets--including porteur-styled ones--as well as racks and bags on fixed gear bikes.  Granted, those bikes aren't classic Cinellis or classic anything else.  But they are fixed-gear bikes nonetheless, even if they'll never get near a velodrome.  So it's still a little odd, at least for me, to see them so rigged up.

This one, though, takes the genre of the fixed-gear city transporter to new heights:

Or, more precisely, it takes rear baskets to new heights, literally.  Perhaps it redefines "suspension" on a bicycle.



  1. I found the very same post mounted rack in a bike jumble on sunday! I wonder if the basket has been stolen from a supermarket or are they all plastic now?

  2. Coline,

    My baskets are metal. Then again, I bought mine. (Am I crazy, or what?) But I know lots of folks steal crates from supermarkets.