05 October 2016

So It's A Bicycle Friendly City You Want?

It seems that, these days, cities are trying to be "bike friendly"--or to sell  themselves as if they are.

Studies are done, "experts" are hired, money is spent.  The results are mixed:  Everything from bike-share programs to bike lanes that look as if they were designed by folks who'd never even seen a bicycle.

Some would argue that if you want a "bike friendly" city, you have to start from scratch.  It seems that Thomas Yang did just that:

His studio, 100 Copies, combines his passions for cycling and art.  As the name suggests, each of the works he designs is limited to 100 copies.  Each copy is watermarked, and no two copies are completely identical (Is that a contradiction?), according to Yang.

Hmm...I get the feeling he could make the whole world in the image of the bicycle:

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