20 November 2016

Bringing Good Cheer--On A Bicycle

I love Velo Orange. Chris, the proprietor, is friendly and helpful. (Plus, he's a Francophile!)  So are the other VO employees with whom I've dealt.  And I've been happy with their products:  Apart from a bottle cage of theirs that broke (which might've been my fault), everything I've bought from them has served me well and looks great.

On their "Specials" page, I noticed something I've never before used.   

Their "six pack rack" attaches to their front racks (of which I've used two, and currently use one)  and, as the name implies, is designed to hold a six-pack of beer.  As Velo Orange's site points out, it can also be used to tote a purse, a small camera bag, your lunch or other similarly-sized items.

Like most VO items, it's attractive.  I imagine it does what it's designed to do.  On the other hand, it highlights a crucial difference:  between toting and delivering.

That is not to denigrate VO's six-pack rack.  It's something you use to carry a six-pack or whatever home at the end of a ride on your retro- or retro-style bike.  However, I don't imagine a delivery person would use it.  And anyone who's delivering beer probably isn't toting the other things that fit into the six-pack rack.

No, if you are a liquor delivery person--or simply serious about hauling beer--this is what you need:

From Phyllis Ramsey on Pinterest.

A liquor delivery bicycle.  Hmm...Apart from the sign, what makes it different from other delivery bikes?


  1. Apart from the minimalist paint job, no brakes!

    I have often looked at the VO site and am sure would have parted with cash if they had a shop anywhere nearby to actually touch the products.

    You do know that your bikes have set a standard which is hard to beat especially for beauty, yesterday found myself hypnotised by the elegance of those curving tapering forks...

  2. I once ran out of money when a student so decided to cycle the four hundred and something miles to sponge off parents for the summer, long way to go with minimal cash for food.

    I recounted the joy of that trip to a friend so he decided to give it a go himself the next year. Since he did not have a bike he bought an old delivery bike because of the handy luggage system. He managed sixty miles in to days before abandoning the bike! Wonder what happened to it?

  3. Coline--I'd love to know what happened to that bike--and your friend!

    Thanks for the compliment about my bikes.

  4. Bike lost to history as is my friend. Last heard of this overeducated guy was just a science lab tech in a school...