12 January 2017

Tour De Palm Springs

In places where they don't have winter--or, at least, not anything anyone living north of the Potomac would call "winter"--there are bike rides of the sort we, in the so-called temperate zones, would have in May or June or September.

One such place is Palm Springs, California.  I've never been there, even though I have traveled in that part of California.  I guess I believed the rumors that Versace-uniformed agents at the city limits wouldn't let you in unless you showed your Coutts World Silk Card. (If it's good enough for the Queen of England, it's good enough for me!)  Then again, I once went to the opera wearing the same clothes I wore while helping to paint a friend's house that day.  That's a story for another time.

Anyway, the ride itself sounds interesting.  I wonder how many celebrities ride, or just show up.  

Actually, I wonder about one celebrity in particular:

If he ever rode in that area (if indeed he rode at all), I assume he didn't have to worry about trees.  Now, on the ski slopes....that was another story!

All right.  To be fair, I'll point out that he stood by his child, Chastity, when she "came out".  Of course, Chastity is now a guy named Chaz.  And some folks say he was a good mayor of Palm Springs.


  1. Your dress standards for the opera would fit right in over here. I attended the opera once in jeans with (real) holes in the knees. A jogging suit is considered semi-formal. I have seen journalists on TV interviewing the President when he is out jogging. Or President Kekkonen, who was famous for giving interviews after a sauna, wrapped in a bath towel. This is all connected to the sense of democracy in this country (Finland).


  2. Leo--I don't know whether to laugh or wince when people pay $200 for designer jeans in which they holes were added at the factory. I assure you that the holes in the jeans I wore to the opera were indeed real, as were the paint stains. Congratulations on your fashion sense. I would have loved to see that interview!