03 September 2017

Keep Your Eyes On The Road!

Whenever I'm about to take attendance, or read something to my students, I have to pull my reading glasses out of my purse or bookbag.  Sometimes I wave my spectacles in the air and warn my students, "This is what you have to look forward to when you get old!"

Fortunately, I don't yet need glasses for anything besides reading or other close-up work.  When I ride, the only eyewear I need is the kind that protects my eyes from the sun and wind.

Others are not so fortunate:


  1. While my distance vision is good enough to ride/drive without glasses, things are much clearer with my prescription distance glasses. On a sunny day, the prescription sunglasses are really nice. I find bifocals to be mostly irritating...

  2. Steve--I hope I never have to resort to bifocals!