30 October 2017

Into The Fall And The Sunset

You really know you're on a Fall ride when you see this:

That, along stretch of the East Coast Greenway that winds its way from Pelham Bay, near City Island, to Pelham Manor in Westchester County.  I was maybe half a kilometer from Pelham Manor--astride Arielle, my Mercian Audax.

I didn't get on the road until well after noon.  I didn't regret it, though:  The early morning was the coldest we had since, probably, April.   And I still rode to Connecticut and back, just beating darkness home.

So...I pedaled into blazing shades of orange, red and yellow scattered on the ground on my way up to the Nutmeg State.  And, by the time I reached Randall's Island--with only the RFK Memorial Bridge between me and home--I was riding into those same--or, at least, similar--hues spread against the sky, as the sun set behind me.

Marlee was not impressed. But she was happy to see me.


  1. Poor wee thing must feel a bit lonely...

  2. She does. That's why she's been cuddling me even more than she did before.

  3. Stop! Stop!! You are making me nostalgic for September. Up here I have switched to the heavy winter Frankenbike with studded tires, navigating ice and snow.

    Yes, and I too have been wondering how Marlee is faring. Give her one extra cuddle for me.


  4. Leo--Marlee thanks you.

    You're riding in ice and snow. Here, we've hardly left summer behind. This morning it was 9C (43F) when I left my apartment for work: the coldest temperature we've had since April.