14 January 2018

They're Gone!

A couple of friends are gone!

On Thursday,  I rode by the City Market Place near my parents' home in Palm Coast.  During my past few visits to PC, I've stopped by the Market Place to see an old friend:

but I found this:

an empty lot where they "rode"!

I am trying to find out what happened to Wes Cackler's "The Race".  I'm guessing--and sort of hoping--that it was knocked down in recent storms and will be reinstalled on that same site, or somewhere else.  


  1. I did a little sleuthing, it looks like those sculptures were presented in July, 2012 by the Tom Gargiulo Art Foundation at Hollingsworth Gallery, which is now apparently closed. Unfortunately also, Tom Gargiulo was seriously injured in a bicycle accident in August, 2014, he was hit by a car.

  2. Monkey--I remember hearing about Tom Gargiulo. So sad...