05 December 2018

This Isn't What We Mean By Track Riding

I admit that I grumble when a railroad crossing gate drops in front of me.  I guess I should be happy that such guards exist, though:

Surprisingly, that near-fatal encounter took place in Geleen---in the Netherlands, where we might expect such a crossing to be guarded, and a cyclist to know better.

Now I'm going to lecture you, dear reader:  Be careful at railroad crossings.  I admit, I'm saying so for selfish reasons:  I want you to come back and read this blog again.  Really, though, I don't like to see cyclists turned to road kill (track kill)?


  1. I was on the Metra into Chicago one morning when it hit a cyclist. The trains on that section of track run about 50 mph. The biker was killed. We were stopped on the tracks for about an hour while emergency personnel dealt with the situation. As we began to move again I saw the cyclist's bike about 5 feet off the ground, still jammed into a chain link fence by the impact. I can still see it clearly in my mind, a pretty robin's egg blue. Many times when I'm crossing tracks I still think of that bike.