30 December 2018

What If We'd Worn Them?

If you're of my generation, you didn't wear a bike helmet when you were a kid.  But, if you have kids, you probably are making them wear helmets when they ride--at least if you're in the US.

That got me to wondering:  What would our childhoods have been like if we wore bike helmets?

From Pixabay


  1. Once you start down that track you have to consider hands, knees, elbows, heck the whole body! I suggest a Bibendum suit like the Michelin logo which inflates once seven sensors compare notes and acceleration and tilt to determine probability of danger and inflate like an airbag... I could see kids just falling for the fun of it...

    Not sure if it would work in Florida heat.

  2. Coline--I might try a suit like that for fun--but certainly not in the Florida heat! Happy New Year!