Mid-Life Cycling

Mid-Life Cycling

01 December 2012

A World Of Christmas Bikes

Around this time last year, I posted "Christmas Bikes And Trees". Interestingly, it's become the fifth-most viewed of the 664 posts on this blog.  What I find even more intriguing is that, although it had more views during the last holiday season, and during this one, there's been a fairly steady stream of viewers throughout the year.

I guess a lot of people associate bikes with Christmas trees, even if they never got a new Schwinn (or Raleigh or whatever) as a childhood holiday gift.  The bike under the tree is a very appealing image.  In fact, it's really a metaphor for a lot of other things--most, if not all, of them positive, I'm sure.

Of course, there are many bicycle-themed holiday ornaments and cards.  Quite possibly the only thing more fun than hanging a miniature bicycle on a tree is decorating a bicycle for the holidays.  

From Cycle The Earth

If you prefer to stick to daytime riding, you could deck out your bike like this:

Also from Cycle The Earth

Now, if you want to be a good little girl or good little boy and help out Santa, here's your steed:

Rudolph The Red Nosed Bicycle

I'm sure that wherever he is, Pablo Picasso is amused.


  1. Ha! The 2nd bike is mine. Here is this years "Christmas Cruiser" http://tinyurl.com/ctxv2sn

  2. Randy: I love the bike. I just happened to find the photo when I typed "Christmas bike image" into a Google browser.

  3. Thanks! For 6 years now I've built up a Christmas themed bike for our clubs holiday rides.

  4. I've got so many bikes and so many photos of my bikes on the internet that they show up on blogs and websites all over the place. I was tickled to see it here. I just thought it was funny how you unknowingly posted a photo belonging to a reader of your blog.

  5. Randy--What's that about "six degrees of separation"? ;-)