14 December 2012

Panzo Race, BMX Backflip And Other Bike Games

I'm not much of a game-player.  I think I've played computer games maybe twice in my life.  The only games about which I ever became passionate were chess and Scrabble.  I haven't played either in years.

Still, I was fascinated to learn of the existence of bicycle games.  Someone sent me this link to She Games, which has a bunch you can play for free.  One of the cuter ones is the Panzo Bike Race.

And then there's "BMX Backflip":

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It reminded me of one of my youthful mishaps (though I was, arguably, not quite youthful when it happened): the one and only BMX backflip I ever performed.  What made it a mishap was that it was completely unintentional.  

I was riding the trails (and off the trails--ssh! Don't tell anybody!) of Forest Park when I came to a mound from which pubescent boys launched themselves into flips and spills.  I rode up--the wrong way, on the steeper side-- with the momentum I'd built up from a descent. 

The next thing I knew, my bike turned into the Cyclone without the tracks.  My bike looped through the air so quickly that I didn't have time to find out how it felt, or to be scared--even when I returned to earth.

I landed on my head, and my bike did a backflip on the ground.  I felt that blank numbness you feel when you're in shock and everything seems to stop.  But, oddly, I felt no pain--and wouldn't feel any--even though I fell so hard that my helmet broke in half!

Somehow I don't envision anything like that resulting from playing a bike game.  


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